Monday, August 12, 2019

and the winners are....

The 2019 Chicken Beauty Contest was our best one yet!  19 beautiful birds, a whole pile of new and returning volunteers (we couldn't do it without you! I don't know how we did the first year with only 5 of us...), great weather, and fantastic folks looking at and-more importantly-VOTING for their favorite birds!  I will do a longer post with more pictures once I finish going through them, but I knew I needed to get the winners posted as soon as possible!

First picture is of the trophies and the goodies donated by Scratch and Peck Feed.  The trophies (and signs, and printing, and t-shirts...) were made possible by the generous folks at Foster Feed and Garden.  Where you can buy Scratch and Peck!  

Oh, and that is me in the chicken dress and silly hat...


The winner in this year's Grown-up's Category is Wendy and Azteca! Azteca is a Tolbunt Polish hen.  The Tolbunt part is the feather coloring, and the Polish part is the fabulous hairdo. She was a clear star, happy to sit calmly and allow folks to admire her.

And the winner of the Young-un's Category was Brodie and sweet little Diva.  Diva is a black Silkie pullet (teenage chicken).  According to our notes she is "the most beautiful creature in the whole world."  Who could argue with a 4 year old about that?  

As I said before, I'll go through my pictures and post more later this week.  But I'll leave you with one last picture: the first ever group photo of our volunteers!  Missing are Devin, Candice, Risa, Matt, Lina and Chance.  I wasn't kidding when I said we have a pile of volunteers!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The contest is full up!

Its not even August yet and we have twenty of Portland's most beautiful hens entered into the contest!  Definitely the fastest we have ever filled up.  We have seven Young-un Entries (that is the kids category) and thirteen Grown-ups Category Hens.

Come on down to the Lents Street Fair August 11th to vote for your favorite hens! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2019 Street Fair!

Hello Fellow Chicken Lovers and Crazy Chicken People!

We have started work on this year's contest!  Firstly, this year the street fair is the SECOND Sunday of August, rather than the 1st like it has been the last four years.  Secondly, for the FIRST time we will be in the exact same spot as last year!  So we will be easy to find!

I am busy at work designing this year's shirts.  I apologize for completely dropping the ball on ordering more of last year's shirt design in the fall.  Best intentions, but I screwed up.  We will be starting to talk to our sponsors soon, and hopefully we will double our shirt orders from last year so we will have more to go around!  We are also planning some other fun goodies you can get your chicken loving hands on, including tiny chicken buttons (I have acquired a button maker...) of past chicken contest chicken designs.

So keep your eyes on the blog, facebook page, and instagram to keep up to date and to ENTER your beautiful birds!

Happy 2019!
Maggie and Jonah (your contest runners)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Now taking orders for TSHIRTS!!!

Since we sold out of them so quickly at the Lents Fair, we have decided to do a second run of shirts!  These will be special order only, and the money made will go towards printing more shirts next year.  If you are interested in a shirt, please email us at  I think I will  order them mid October or early November.  Christmas presents anyone??

The Olive colored ones are Unisex and sized according to the usual Mens/Unisex shirt sizing.  The Navy ones are Women's shirts, and sized MUCH smaller than Mens.   We concluded at the fair that the sizes are about one size off.  That is, if you usually wear a Large, you may want to get an Extra Large.  Just fair warning, since I won't be ordering extras!!

Thanks for your support, Maggie and Jonah

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Contestants of 2018's Lents Chicken Beauty Contest!

Let  me just start this post off by saying I'm sorry it took me over a MONTH to post these pictures!! Our computer died right after the fair, and it took some time to get it fixed and then it took even more time for me to turn it on because I was afraid that it would take forever to load programs that weren't on it anymore... I'm not a computer person.  So, sorry!  

Now that that is out of the way, wow, what a crazy contest day this year!!  We had TWO categories instead of the usual one, so we had twice as many votes to count.  We had two different news channels and a reporter from the Oregonian there to cover the event (thanks guys!!).  We even had tshirts for sale, and we sold out of them in about TWO hours (holy cow!)

We also had some learning experiences.  We had our first chicken injury.  Uranus (yes, that is her name!) was spooked by something (we think a dog) and cut her head.  We had an emergency contact for her, got her cleaned up, and she went home (and last we heard had rejoined her flock, chickens are crazy tough birds).  We learned that we need to have first aid supplies packed in case of injury.  We also started volunteering to hold onto folks pups so they can enjoy the birds and the birds can enjoy not being startled by dogs.  We are always learning!  

the bird booth!
Our winner for the Grown-Ups Category, and our first two time champion was Cordon Bleu!  She is a beautiful white-crested blue polish hen.  She is an only hen, and therefore doted on completely.  I just adore that color on a hen!
Cordon Bleu, 2 time lents beauty contest champion!

And our first winner in our brand new Young'uns Category was Rainbow the white silkie hen.  For the kid's category we decided that they are allowed to "dress up" their hens.  Bird safe dyes, and nail polish, even bracelets and bandannas are allowed.  Rainbow had a very tasteful "rainbow" colored on her fluffy butt feathers.  Tasteful and understated, I'm very impressed with the 4 year old boy's restraint in coloring his hen! 
Rainbow, winner of the first ever young'uns category at the contest.

Rainbow's left side

Rainbow's right side.
Of course ALL the birds entered in the contest are beautiful.  But then, we think ALL chickens are beautiful!  The really fun part of our event is listening to all the folks ohh and ahh over breeds they have never seen before or knew were even possible to exist!  And every year we get wilder and wilder breeds of hens!  Below are the photos of the rest of our amazing contestants.   I tried very hard to get the names matched to the birds, but if I messed up, I'm sorry!!

Beau the Russian Orloff

Baak Geb the Hamburgh

Christie Lee the Sicilian Buttercup

Colonel Sanders the Cochin/Maran Cross

Gabby the Naked Neck!

Lady Byrd the Crested Polish

Little Stormy the Serama Bantam

Mama Bird the Serama Bantam

Abagail and Matilda the NOVOgen Pullets

Jewel the Ameracana
 Jewel was NOT interested in participating in the contest!  She was very unhappy being viewed, so we ended moving her away from the action and covering her up to not be disturbed.  We don't want our hens to be unhappy!  She was VERY pretty though....

Ophelia the blind Australorp
 Sweet Ophelia is mostly blind, but that doesn't stop her! She was a volunteer favorite because she gently cooed whenever we wandered past.  She was just the sweetest thing!

 Fancy Toenails!!!  Pecker was a very fancy bird, with her red nails.  Her owners say that she is a transgender hen, she crows and doesn't lay eggs.  I've read about this, it has something to do with one ovary shutting down and the other one producing testosterone, but of course, I can't find the article now to tell you how it all works!

Pecker the Ameraucana

Pizzazz the Showgirl and Creamsicle the frizzled Satin Silke
 I have to admit here that I am VERY partial to frizzles.  And Silkies.  So these girls I just adored!  I mean, look at that Showgirl's crest!! Showgirls are a cross between Silkies and Naked Necks, two of my favorite breeds.  

Pop the Cochin Bantam

Uranus the Barred Plymouth Rock

Nugget the Easter Egger

This was also the first year for our charity tshirts!  We had 50 shirts for sale with our logo on them, and the name and logo for our sponsor Foster Feed and Garden, on the back.  We sold out of them by 1:30, so next year we are planning on having twice as many shirts for sale!  We donated all $800 to Odd Man Inn, an animal sanctuary in Washougal, Washington.  They take in chickens, roosters, pigs (sooo many adorable, giant pigs!), sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and even a peacock!  They are a wonderful organization.
The tshirt booth!

Another satisfied customer
 And of course, we couldn't do it without our wonderful, amazing volunteers.  Thank you volunteers!!!    And that you everyone who brought a bird to compete in our silly little contest!

Also, a big thank you to Foster Feed and Garden, and to Scratch and Peck Feed!  Scratch and Peck donated a bunch of prizes to our winners, and goodies for the bags.  Foster Feed and Garden donates all the money that makes this thing run, as well as shirts and bags for all our contestants.  And this year they generously donated all the money for printing our shirts.  

Some of our lovely volunteers!

Voting booth!
See you all next year!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Shirts are done!

Here are the mock ups for our contest shirts!!! I love them so much.  The navy ones are the Women's tshirts, and the Olive is the Men's/Unisex.  They are both made of a wonderfully soft cotton blend, the same that we used last year for the volunteer's shirts.  

I'm excited to say that our contest's sponsor Foster Feed and Garden, decided to be our charity shirts sole sponsor as well!  So a HUGE thank you to Mark and the gang at Foster Feed and Garden.  

The charity we chose to give your hard earned chicken shirt cash to is called "Odd Man Inn."  It is a farm animal/pet rescue located in Washougal, WA.  The amazing thing about them is that they take in everything, and adopt many of the animals back out to forever homes.  I talked to them a bit about the chickens they rescue.  They told me that sometimes they have as many as 100 chickens (right now, I think it was about 8)  but that they manage to adopt most of them back out again to forever homes!  I love the idea of folks giving hens a home even though they may be past their laying days, and basically just get to be little feathered freeloaders begging for treats and basking in the sun all day... thats what my old lady hens get to do!

Anyway, bring $17 and get yourself a chicken shirt and donate to a great place!
See  you in a couple weeks! Maggie and Jonah