Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Shirts are done!

Here are the mock ups for our contest shirts!!! I love them so much.  The navy ones are the Women's tshirts, and the Olive is the Men's/Unisex.  They are both made of a wonderfully soft cotton blend, the same that we used last year for the volunteer's shirts.  

I'm excited to say that our contest's sponsor Foster Feed and Garden, decided to be our charity shirts sole sponsor as well!  So a HUGE thank you to Mark and the gang at Foster Feed and Garden.  

The charity we chose to give your hard earned chicken shirt cash to is called "Odd Man Inn."  It is a farm animal/pet rescue located in Washougal, WA.  The amazing thing about them is that they take in everything, and adopt many of the animals back out to forever homes.  I talked to them a bit about the chickens they rescue.  They told me that sometimes they have as many as 100 chickens (right now, I think it was about 8)  but that they manage to adopt most of them back out again to forever homes!  I love the idea of folks giving hens a home even though they may be past their laying days, and basically just get to be little feathered freeloaders begging for treats and basking in the sun all day... thats what my old lady hens get to do!

Anyway, bring $17 and get yourself a chicken shirt and donate to a great place!
See  you in a couple weeks! Maggie and Jonah

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


So last year I made a t-shirt design for our Beauty Contest Volunteers.  I loved how the turned out. Our volunteers loved them (and wear them constantly, which is quite flattering), and our visitors loved them.  So much that we felt like we could perhaps sell beauty contest shirts for charity this year?!  Which seems crazy right now, but we are still gonna do it!
Below is my design, more or less how it will look.  I think its going to need a "2018" somewhere.

And here is the design on a mock up that my t-shirt printers sent me!!! I love our t shirt printers.  Their business name is, no joke, Phantom Chicken.  How perfect is that?!  And they are located near Lents, so they are practically our neighbors!  We haven't settled on shirt/print colors yet, but the two samples below are pretty rad. 

When we finalize stuff we will post it here with info on color, style and price.  You'll be able to buy your very own shirt the day of the fair!

cheers! Maggie

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Fourth Annual Chicken Beauty Contest is Coming!

Mark your calenders! The contest is coming! The contest is coming!  This year's event will be held on Sunday, August 5th in the field next to Lents own Belmont Goats!  If you don't know where the goats live, they reside in the field next to the Boys and Girls Club on 92nd ave, just north of Zoigl Haus Brewpub. 

We have some fun new ideas to try out with this year's contest, including selling our beauty contest shirts for charity!  I'm working on the design now, but we had so much interest in the shirts our volunteers were wearing (I got crazy and had shirts made for us all)  that we want to try out raising money for some worthwhile cause (to be determined soon, I promise).

We are also messing around with having TWO categories of hens this year:  Kids entry and Adults entry.  Kids hens are often dressed (or dyed) fancy but are normal backyard hens, while the adults often have some downright fancy hens.  It seems like it might be fair to have them judged separately.  

So those are our developments for this year.  Hope you all enjoy the changes and want to buy some shirts to support a cause (we gotta figure this one out, seriously)!!

Happy 2018!
Maggie and Jonah

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Show Will Go On!

Hi there all you Chicken Beauty Contest Contestants and Voters!  Yes, it is going to be a million degrees out on Sunday, but it will feel like a cool Autumn day after the week we are having right now!  As I write this, it is 105 degrees (I think...) so upper 90's? No sweat.

Don't worry, we are taking precautions to keep our contestants feeling fresh and cool in the heat.  Firstly, we are going to be under giant trees in the SW corner of Lents Park.  That will make a huge difference for all of us!  We will have coolers full of ice and cold water, and cold chicken treats (corn, watermelon, etc...).  I am also thinking of frozen water bottles and mister bottles as well.  

So if your chickens have weathered the week just fine. they will be in good hands at the Beauty Contest.  

Thats all, looking forward to seeing all your lovely birds and all you lovely beauty contest judges!!
Maggie and Jonah and the rest of the Beauty Contest Crew.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time to Register!

The registration page is all updated and the time is now to sign up your bird! We've already got a solid crew of caretaking volunteers who promise to make your hen very comfortable while you enjoy this year's Fair. Tell all the chicken owners you know to sign up their prettiest lady!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Chicken Beauty Contest is coming up!

Hello all you chicken lovers!

Its time to start picking your bestus beauties and prepping them for the THIRD ANNUAL Lents Chicken Beauty Contest!  Thats right, get them out on those treadmills,  to the day spa, and on an all organic, no sweets, no alcohol, no fun diet to be ready for the swimsuit portion of this year's beauty contest!

I kid, I kid, of course there is no swimsuit contest.  The plumper the better!  We accept all your chickens, because to us, all chickens are the prettiest!  We can't help ourselves, we love chickens.  

So start thinking about who you would like to bring to compete, we'll have a more official post in the next few days for registration, and stuff.  I would like to mention that I think this year's prizes and goodie bags will be pretty fantastic.  We will have stuff from the awesome "Scratch and Peck" people, you can find their feed and treats at our perennial sponsor, Foster Feed.  I've got the Trophy in the works, AND this year there will be second and third prize trophies as well.  The fair will be in the lovely Lents Park, and I can't wait to see where and how it will all come together there!

So keep an eye out!
Maggie and Jonah and the gang

Proof that our chicken love runs deep here at the chicken beauty contest, I got this girl at the end of 2016!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The 2016 Chicken Beauty Contestants!

I'm going to start this post off with a big old THANK YOU to everyone who participated!  To our volunteers, thank you for hanging out helping people vote, talking chicken all day, and setting the booth up and tearing it all back down at the end.  To the chicken owners, thank you for entering your girls in our little contest and being generally so awesome and enthusiastic to show them off! You are all winners cause you brought so much happiness to me (in particular) and to everyone who came by to ogle the chickens.  And thank you to all who came out to see the girls, discuss their various merits and crazy feathers, and vote!  Thank you!

This year I got my act together and got an actual real live photographer out to take pictures of our girls, so we can share them with you all who couldn't make it to the show.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Rhode Island Red
About: She struts with poise and gentility in her plumage's elegant rainbow hue in the Lents evening sun. She got her nails done just for the contest.

Baby Chick Marie
Baby chick Marie is the youngest of her four siblings. We still call her “baby chick”, because she has the personality of a youngest and is so dang cute with those puffy cheeks! (But don’t let the cheeks fool you--keep her away from your summer squash plants!)

Black Mamba #5 (aka Black Mama)
Black Australorpe
Big Momma with dominate you. Big Momma will set you free. Big Momma thinks she's a rooster since a new high up stick appeared in the coop. Check out her perfect crown and vacant black eyes. Big Momma Big Momma Big Momma amen

White Cochin
This classy, fluffy hen is the Queen of the roost. She has a healthy appetite for garden greens and loves blueberries.

Cream Legbar
Candygirl is a Cream Legbar which Rosey raised as her own chick. Candygirl is multicolored and likes scratches and attention.

Dixie Chick
Silver Laced Polish Crested
Dixie Chick is white and black. She is a shy but cleaver hen who is quick as a whip at finding all the best treats in the yard. She doesn't waste time establishing her place in the pecking order when there are mealworms to be found!

Easter Egger (lays blue-green eggs)
This lovely lady loves to spend the day sitting center in the doorway of her coop , enjoying the sunshine and fresh Oregon air. Don't tell her I told you , but watermelon is the way to her heart.

Buff Silkie Pullet (3 months old)
Lilo is a buff silkie and is named after the character in the movie Lilo and Stitch. She has a great head dress and is super sassy. She loves being held and purrs while petting her!

Maggie and her chicken dress (that's me!)

Light Brahma
Minnie is the black and white light Brahma. She is the largest of our 4 chicks and she is only 3 months old. She is definitely a gentle giant!

Buff Orphington
Ophelia is buff colored, very fluffy, and has a lovely sweet personality.

White Plymouth Rock
Plastic is a 1 year old hen, who enjoys warm baths and having her toe nails painted. She loves to be blow dried after every warm bath, once she is dry she will sit and watch TV with me.

Plastic's fancy painted toenails.  She also had a teeny bandanna, but she kept taking it off, so I left it off her.  She also has the distinction this year of being our only hen who laid an egg at the fair this year!

Gold Laced Polish Crested
Priscilla is gold and black. She may be small but she is mighty. Priscilla is boss hen and she has made that known since day 1 as part of the family. She struts around the hen house like the tough beauty queen that she is.

Red Chinese Buff Cochin Bantam (10 years old! and lookin' good!)
Rosey is a red Chinese Buff Cochin. She is queen of the flock at 2 1/2 pounds and likes raising babies. She likes scratches and attention.

Barred Plymouth Rock
Sapphire is a black and white Bar Rock. She's the queen of the flock, confident, classy and sophisticated. She is on the short list of Hillary Clinton's running mate selection.

Showgirl (Naked-Neck Silkie Cross)
Wanda is a Naked Neck Silkie. She is a very sweet and special girl in my breeding flock. She is my first and only Showgirl and hopefully the beginning of the Cluck N' Chatter line of Naked Necks!

Frizzled Tolbunt Polish Crested
Snazzy is a Frizzled Tolbunt Polish. She is a super spastic girl! She is my craziest chicken and likes to flail her feathers and flap her wings while running wildly around her pen.

a better picture of snazzy will come, i promise!

The fair, as you can see, its hard to see the chickens with all these people around!

the voting booth

The all important "most beautifulest chicken" trophy!

And the Winners Were....!

First Place trophy went to Snazzy!  Her crazy, stick-out-in-all-directions feathers carried the day.  We will post pictures! I'm embarrassed to say that as of this moment I do not have a good photo of her, but more pictures are coming in.

Second place went to Grace-Mary!  The Easter Egger with the beautiful rust and silver feathers was a big hit.  

And Honorable Mention went to Sapphire, the zebra striped Barred Plymouth Rock.

Thanks again everyone who came out!  Keep an eye out for us, we are coming back next year for sure!

Maggie and Jonah