Thursday, August 13, 2015

We were in the East Portland Newspaper!

So I know its not the biggest newspaper around, but we were in it!  As part of the larger article about the Lents Street Fair.  So here is the link:


Saturday, August 1, 2015

And the Winner is.....

Hey there!  Whew, finally got caught up after a whirlwind weekend of prepping for the contest (running around gathering tables, tents, and cages) and then hosting the contest (tons of fun and work!) and then putting the shambles of our lives back together after the contest was over (actually, trying to properly host our houseguests who where staying with us and being ignored by us during the contest).  The guests are gone, and the materials are ALMOST all returned and put away...

Anyway, you didn't come here for me to whine about our busy weekend, you came to see pictures of and to hear about the FIRST ANNUAL LENTS CHICKEN BEAUTY CONTEST!  First off, let me just say a huge thank you to all the chicken owners who were willing to gussy up their birds, load them in their cars, and bring them on down to this silly little event.  I like to think they are all winners, and in a way they were. While they didn't all get a sweet trophy, they did all get awesome goody bags from Foster Feed, which contained chicken treats, a t-shirt, some dog treats, and a pretty great coupon to use at the feed store.  Pretty rad.  

And thank you to the chicken judges, of which there were 668 of you!  Holy cow! Thats amazing.  I had no idea.  So wonderful to see so many people so excited about chickens!  Channel 6 even sent a person out to see our girls!  Don't know if the segment ever aired (god, i kind of hope not, i did NOT want to be interviewed and I was...)  but it was exciting to see the camerawoman taking pictures of the laies.

But here is what I did get:  That's our booth with our shiny new sign. May we use it for years to come!


Some lovely judges voting on their favorite chicken.  We had no age limit, everyone can vote!

This is Penelope, the winning chicken by a landslide!  Her owner said that they dyed her purple with Kool Aid to keep the other chickens in her flock from pecking at her feathers.  I think that the lilac feathers and the purple skin were a winning combination. She took the show like a pro.  Her chicken bio says:  "I might be tiny but I am mighty.  I am the leader of my flock.  Purple is my favorite color, and I love dust baths."

This is Filipe, we think she is a bantum Ameraucana, but her owner has no idea. She was a freebie or a "packing peanut"  with an order of cornish crosses.  An adorable peanut!

This is Drumstick. She is a full size Ameraucana.  She has beautiful colors, too bad I couldn't capture them with my phone!

These ladies are Patty and Selma.  People got a huge kick out of them, and I think they may inspire me to have two categories next year: Prettiest Chicken and Goofiest Chicken, because if there was a goofy category they would have won.

This is Golden Sun.  She might be my favorite, but I am VERY partial to Buff Orpingtons. I love the gold and they are just so personable and friendly to humans.  I'm on my second one right now and she is just as much fun as my first one was.  Sun her was super into my ring and she mugs for the camera like my Ethel does.

Second and Third place Chickens were JB Fletcher and Rose, both owned by the same family!  JB is the one in the back, the Gold Laced Wyandotte.  Rose is in front, shes the barred Plymouth Rock.  They may have accidentally traded some votes, because people weren't sure who was who, being as most of our voters were not experts in chicken breeds!  I think it turned out okay though.

 And this feisty lady is Anne Bronte.  Shes a Light Brahma and she is full of spunk!  She was sassy all day long.  

This is Zelda, a Smooth Sizzle.  I didn't get a good picture of her at the show and because of our shortage of dog crates, we didn't get her and Georgia (her friend) into a big wire crate. Instead they were stuck in their large, dark blue crate.  It didn't show them well, unfortunately, because they are beautiful!  Their owner breeds fancy chickens. You can check them out on Facebook at Cluck n' Chatter Ranch.

If we had a talent portion to our show Pecky here would have won it!  She laid an egg in the middle of the show!  People really enjoyed pointing that out to us.

Heres proof that the news really did come down to our little show!  The cameralady!

Jonah announcing the winners!  

 And this is me and my helpers, Amelia and Casey. Casey's daughter, Maude, helped too, and is not pictured. And that dude on the right is my brother, who was no help at all (Ha!).  I'm so glad they volunteered and spent the whole day helping out!  It was amazing and so very needed, because that contest was so much crazier than expected!  It went so smoothly with their help.  Thank you, you guys!

So that was our day. You can be sure we will be doing it next year! 
Thanks to all who came and thanks to Foster Feed for sponsoring us!

Maggie and Jonah

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We got special mention in The Portland Mercury's "My, What A Busy Week!"

Also, the Chicken Contest is all full-up, so no more chicken entries. Hurray we met our registration goals!

And here's a direct link to our Portland Mercury listing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our pullets are wanting to compete!

We decided that our girls can't compete at the show, but that doesn't mean they aren't pretty! Here's a few pictures of them, they are almost three months old now. 

Astrid looking fancy by the waterer:

Sasha and Elvira striking poses:

And Ethel photobombing another picture of astrid (Ethel is always photobombing):

Get your girls registered for the competition!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Your Chicken Contest Coordinators!

Hi there!

We took some quick pictures yesterday to attach to the teeny article we wrote for the East Portland Neighborhood New (it has a name something like that) and I thought maybe I'd post them here so you would know who you are writing to when you register your lovely chicken to compete in our fun little show.  I guess I'll also give you a bit of background on us too while I'm at it...

This is Jonah!

He began his chicken keeping four years ago when he married me (Maggie, see below).  He discovered that while they do poop alot, they are also really funny and each have their own personalities.  Since he moved in he has helped raise three different sets of chicks, along with a couple thanksgiving turkeys, and a pair of Muscovy Ducks.  He is responsible for us having a permit for all these birds!  Someday he would like to move to the country and add some goats and mini-donkeys (they do exist!) to the farm. 

And this is Maggie (that's me!)

I got my first chickens a little over eight years ago after buying my little house.  I was immediately in love with most anything having do do with chickens.  I even got myself a chicken tattoo, which I feel now needs some more friends...  Anyway, I love their silly little personalities, the way one of them always seems to find a new and inventive way of exiting their enclosure, and of course, eating their eggs.  Each spring I have a great time looking over the lists of chicks that the Urban Farm Store, Foster Feed, and Naomi's put out trying to decide which new breed I must have. 

So perhaps we were the best people to step up to run the Chicken  Beauty Contest?  Maybe, maybe not, but we are your contest hosts!  And we want your chickens! All of them! Sign them up! 

And see you at the Lents Fair!

p.s.  the chicken we are holding in our pictures? that's Nina, our current head chicken.  Shes a Dark Brahma, and she was not particularly pleased to be our model!  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm running a... chicken beauty contest???

When I moved to Lents 4-years ago I never thought I’d be running a chicken beauty contest. After all, I’d never even owned a chicken and I didn’t know anything about them. As for beauty contests, aren’t those the things where vapid skinny girls compete to see who’s the most conniving to celebrate and reinforce patriarchy? So how's this chicken pageant going to work, anyway? I suppose hens will parade themselves before roosters as the roosters try to pretend they’re judging the lady chickens on something more than their physiques, thus reinforcing rooster hegemony. Are roosters fair judges? Probably not.

So in order to create a more egalitarian beauty contest, I decided to have Lents Street Fair attendees vote on their favorite chicken. So come on by and pick your favorite! And if your only criterion is chicken physique, more power to you (although I personally think you’re a little weird). Better yet, if you have a chicken that you’re OK with people ogling and judging based on her appearance personality, just click on the registration page and follow the instructions to register your chicken! Hope to see you there! And in keeping with poultry feminism, no roosters allowed.

-Jonah Willbach
Chicken Beauty Contest Organizer (apparently)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Coming Soon!

Are you a chicken owner or a chicken lover? Then come visit the first annual Lents Street Fair Chicken Beauty Contest!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015
12 noon to 5pm
Lents Town Center

We're still in the process of setting up the rules and getting funding, so stay tuned!

-Maggie and Jonah,
Chicken Beauty Contest coordinators

(not actual contestants)