Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm running a... chicken beauty contest???

When I moved to Lents 4-years ago I never thought I’d be running a chicken beauty contest. After all, I’d never even owned a chicken and I didn’t know anything about them. As for beauty contests, aren’t those the things where vapid skinny girls compete to see who’s the most conniving to celebrate and reinforce patriarchy? So how's this chicken pageant going to work, anyway? I suppose hens will parade themselves before roosters as the roosters try to pretend they’re judging the lady chickens on something more than their physiques, thus reinforcing rooster hegemony. Are roosters fair judges? Probably not.

So in order to create a more egalitarian beauty contest, I decided to have Lents Street Fair attendees vote on their favorite chicken. So come on by and pick your favorite! And if your only criterion is chicken physique, more power to you (although I personally think you’re a little weird). Better yet, if you have a chicken that you’re OK with people ogling and judging based on her appearance personality, just click on the registration page and follow the instructions to register your chicken! Hope to see you there! And in keeping with poultry feminism, no roosters allowed.

-Jonah Willbach
Chicken Beauty Contest Organizer (apparently)