Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our pullets are wanting to compete!

We decided that our girls can't compete at the show, but that doesn't mean they aren't pretty! Here's a few pictures of them, they are almost three months old now. 

Astrid looking fancy by the waterer:

Sasha and Elvira striking poses:

And Ethel photobombing another picture of astrid (Ethel is always photobombing):

Get your girls registered for the competition!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Your Chicken Contest Coordinators!

Hi there!

We took some quick pictures yesterday to attach to the teeny article we wrote for the East Portland Neighborhood New (it has a name something like that) and I thought maybe I'd post them here so you would know who you are writing to when you register your lovely chicken to compete in our fun little show.  I guess I'll also give you a bit of background on us too while I'm at it...

This is Jonah!

He began his chicken keeping four years ago when he married me (Maggie, see below).  He discovered that while they do poop alot, they are also really funny and each have their own personalities.  Since he moved in he has helped raise three different sets of chicks, along with a couple thanksgiving turkeys, and a pair of Muscovy Ducks.  He is responsible for us having a permit for all these birds!  Someday he would like to move to the country and add some goats and mini-donkeys (they do exist!) to the farm. 

And this is Maggie (that's me!)

I got my first chickens a little over eight years ago after buying my little house.  I was immediately in love with most anything having do do with chickens.  I even got myself a chicken tattoo, which I feel now needs some more friends...  Anyway, I love their silly little personalities, the way one of them always seems to find a new and inventive way of exiting their enclosure, and of course, eating their eggs.  Each spring I have a great time looking over the lists of chicks that the Urban Farm Store, Foster Feed, and Naomi's put out trying to decide which new breed I must have. 

So perhaps we were the best people to step up to run the Chicken  Beauty Contest?  Maybe, maybe not, but we are your contest hosts!  And we want your chickens! All of them! Sign them up! 

And see you at the Lents Fair!

p.s.  the chicken we are holding in our pictures? that's Nina, our current head chicken.  Shes a Dark Brahma, and she was not particularly pleased to be our model!