Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Street Fair is Coming! The Contest is Coming!

So this is just a quick note to let you all know that the beauty contest is happening this year.  We are working on improving some things that needed improving (access to decent display cages so the girls are presented in their full glory for one) and hoping to recreate the magic of the first year (good weather, hopefully without the freak rainstorm in the last hour of the fair).

I've been working on some new signage for the voting booth and the trophy tonight (pretty darn excited about the trophy, its gonna be bigger than last year FOR SURE).  I'm also working on a new dress to wear at the fair (why yes, it will have chickens on it, how did you guess?).

The contest is the last Sunday in July (the 31st) and we aren't exactly sure where it will be this year.  As you in the neighborhood may have noticed, the Belmont Goats have moved a block away due to impending construction on their site, which, was right next to the location of the Lents Street Fair.  So maybe we will be a block away and hopefully still near those darling goats!  Either way, it will still be in downtown Lents.

The registration information will be up in the next couple weeks, and we hope to see your lovely girls there strutting their stuff!  Laying eggs and being dyed fun colors will probably positively influence the voting...

Cheers! Maggie

Astrid this past winter being a very adorable girl!