Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Official Chicken Beauty Contest News! The Contest is Happening!!

Hello Everybody!

Whew, its been an emotional roller coaster here at Chicken Beauty Contest Central.  Last week we were notified that due to lack of funding the Lents Street Fair had been cancelled.  We were pretty bummed because we had just spent some serious time working on how to make it an even better event--only to find out that it wasn't happening?! Bummer news.  So we posted on Facebook and on this here blog that the event had been cancelled, and notified our volunteers that they were no longer needed, only to get ANOTHER email saying that maybe the fair was back on after all...

Fast forward a couple days, and we have now just left a Lents Street Fair planning meeting, so now we can officially say that the beauty contest is BACK ON!

So beautiful chicken ladies of Lents, sign up!  Strut your stuff! Go to our Registration Page and get your hen signed up, and maybe she could be this year's Next Lents Top Chicken Model!