Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Show Will Go On!

Hi there all you Chicken Beauty Contest Contestants and Voters!  Yes, it is going to be a million degrees out on Sunday, but it will feel like a cool Autumn day after the week we are having right now!  As I write this, it is 105 degrees (I think...) so upper 90's? No sweat.

Don't worry, we are taking precautions to keep our contestants feeling fresh and cool in the heat.  Firstly, we are going to be under giant trees in the SW corner of Lents Park.  That will make a huge difference for all of us!  We will have coolers full of ice and cold water, and cold chicken treats (corn, watermelon, etc...).  I am also thinking of frozen water bottles and mister bottles as well.  

So if your chickens have weathered the week just fine. they will be in good hands at the Beauty Contest.  

Thats all, looking forward to seeing all your lovely birds and all you lovely beauty contest judges!!
Maggie and Jonah and the rest of the Beauty Contest Crew.