Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Fourth Annual Chicken Beauty Contest is Coming!

Mark your calenders! The contest is coming! The contest is coming!  This year's event will be held on Sunday, August 5th in the field next to Lents own Belmont Goats!  If you don't know where the goats live, they reside in the field next to the Boys and Girls Club on 92nd ave, just north of Zoigl Haus Brewpub. 

We have some fun new ideas to try out with this year's contest, including selling our beauty contest shirts for charity!  I'm working on the design now, but we had so much interest in the shirts our volunteers were wearing (I got crazy and had shirts made for us all)  that we want to try out raising money for some worthwhile cause (to be determined soon, I promise).

We are also messing around with having TWO categories of hens this year:  Kids entry and Adults entry.  Kids hens are often dressed (or dyed) fancy but are normal backyard hens, while the adults often have some downright fancy hens.  It seems like it might be fair to have them judged separately.  

So those are our developments for this year.  Hope you all enjoy the changes and want to buy some shirts to support a cause (we gotta figure this one out, seriously)!!

Happy 2018!
Maggie and Jonah