Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Shirts are done!

Here are the mock ups for our contest shirts!!! I love them so much.  The navy ones are the Women's tshirts, and the Olive is the Men's/Unisex.  They are both made of a wonderfully soft cotton blend, the same that we used last year for the volunteer's shirts.  

I'm excited to say that our contest's sponsor Foster Feed and Garden, decided to be our charity shirts sole sponsor as well!  So a HUGE thank you to Mark and the gang at Foster Feed and Garden.  

The charity we chose to give your hard earned chicken shirt cash to is called "Odd Man Inn."  It is a farm animal/pet rescue located in Washougal, WA.  The amazing thing about them is that they take in everything, and adopt many of the animals back out to forever homes.  I talked to them a bit about the chickens they rescue.  They told me that sometimes they have as many as 100 chickens (right now, I think it was about 8)  but that they manage to adopt most of them back out again to forever homes!  I love the idea of folks giving hens a home even though they may be past their laying days, and basically just get to be little feathered freeloaders begging for treats and basking in the sun all day... thats what my old lady hens get to do!

Anyway, bring $17 and get yourself a chicken shirt and donate to a great place!
See  you in a couple weeks! Maggie and Jonah