Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Now taking orders for TSHIRTS!!!

Since we sold out of them so quickly at the Lents Fair, we have decided to do a second run of shirts!  These will be special order only, and the money made will go towards printing more shirts next year.  If you are interested in a shirt, please email us at  I think I will  order them mid October or early November.  Christmas presents anyone??

The Olive colored ones are Unisex and sized according to the usual Mens/Unisex shirt sizing.  The Navy ones are Women's shirts, and sized MUCH smaller than Mens.   We concluded at the fair that the sizes are about one size off.  That is, if you usually wear a Large, you may want to get an Extra Large.  Just fair warning, since I won't be ordering extras!!

Thanks for your support, Maggie and Jonah


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