Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2019 Street Fair!

Hello Fellow Chicken Lovers and Crazy Chicken People!

We have started work on this year's contest!  Firstly, this year the street fair is the SECOND Sunday of August, rather than the 1st like it has been the last four years.  Secondly, for the FIRST time we will be in the exact same spot as last year!  So we will be easy to find!

I am busy at work designing this year's shirts.  I apologize for completely dropping the ball on ordering more of last year's shirt design in the fall.  Best intentions, but I screwed up.  We will be starting to talk to our sponsors soon, and hopefully we will double our shirt orders from last year so we will have more to go around!  We are also planning some other fun goodies you can get your chicken loving hands on, including tiny chicken buttons (I have acquired a button maker...) of past chicken contest chicken designs.

So keep your eyes on the blog, facebook page, and instagram to keep up to date and to ENTER your beautiful birds!

Happy 2019!
Maggie and Jonah (your contest runners)