Pretty Chickens

This is just a page of some pretty chickens we've found on the internet.  Just for fun, cause we feel that a chicken beauty contest page should have some pictures of chicken beauties!

pink and purple silkies!  they don't seem to mind being dyed.

a couple of fancy polish crested.

one of my favorite breeds, the buff orphington.

and some polish frizzles!

another one of my favorites, the naked neck! our  naked neck, Frida, may make an apearance at the beauty contest.

blue cochin.  we have a baby one at home right now!

and this is the showgirl.  its a cross between a naked neck and a silkie.  and i want one soooo bad!

hope you enjoyed these, I'll be posting more as the mood strikes!


  1. hi, can 11 year olds enter? also i love the chickens~!

  2. hi can u be 11 and still enter?

  3. Doing a bit of research beforehand will not only help you fine-tune what you're looking for, it will also prepare you for all the problems that you might eventually face with the breed you have selected.


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